Comity (kom’-it-ee) – A friendly social atmosphere; social harmony; a loose widespread community based on common social institutions.

Comity Technology Advisors provides analysis and strategic advice to companies of all sizes, helping them leverage social technology to better manage their relationships with individual consumers and/or their business customers. In doing so, we direct our efforts at two distinct clientele: (1) Software vendors to whom we offer analysis and strategic advice on product direction and market position,  helping them understand how businesses will best utilize their solution(s); and (2) Businesses, to whom we provide analysis, strategic direction and implementation services in order to help them leverage social technology to better manage their relationships with their individual and/or business customers.

In order to provide the most comprehensive strategy and solution for your individual business needs, Comity Technology Advisors teams with industry leaders with wide ranging skills and areas of expertise along with leading technology providers within the Social CRM space.


Mitch Lieberman, President & CEO, is recognized by his peers as one of the world’s thought leaders in Social CRM.  He is always on the forefront of ideas, strategies, and technologies. Mitch shares his thoughts on his syndicated blog A title would limit my thoughts.  You can also follow him on Twitter (@mjayliebs).

Mitch’s passion is solving business problems by creating the optimal alignment of people, process, and technology. Leveraging his breadth of experience in product management, systems architecture (including both transactional and analytical business applications), implementation services, and strategy development, Mitch will be able to guide clients in many areas.

Mitch has continuously shown his leadership in developing and delivering strategies for creative solutions which integrate cloud computing, open source software, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and an innovative combination of social media with traditional CRM offerings. Prior to co-founding Comity Technology Advisors, Mitch Lieberman served as Vice President of Strategic Solutions for SugarCRM.  Although Mitch decided that it was time to take his knowledge and experience in a new direction, SugarCRM signed on as Comity Technology Advisors’ first client, and Mitch continues to work with SugarCRM.

Contact Information: Voice (781) 471-4624